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Welcome to Sabriel Group! Founded by Sara Casciaro, a visionary entrepreneur, we’ve evolved and expanded our services to meet the growing needs of our diverse clientele. With our roots in Feldafing, a picturesque village in Bavaria at Pöckinger Fußweg 12A (82340), we’ve been dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services since our inception. In response to the dynamic landscape of online business, we’ve recently redefined our approach. While maintaining Sabriel E-Commerce as our premier destination for exquisite products, we’ve introduced Sabriel Agency to cater specifically to the burgeoning demand for specialized services.

At Sabriel E-Commerce, our commitment remains unwavering – to offer an unparalleled online shopping experience. Meanwhile, Sabriel Agency takes center stage in providing a comprehensive suite of services. From website design, logo creation, SEO, and marketing to the production of engaging videos, we’re here to bring your vision to life. Our growth is fueled by the understanding that each client is unique, and their needs are diverse. As we embark on this journey, our focus on personalized attention and tailor-made solutions remains stronger than ever. Thank you for being part of the Sabriel community. We look forward to continuing this exciting journey with you and exceeding your expectations at every turn!


In the foundation of our story lies a profound commitment to excellence and a constant evolution to meet the unique needs of our clientele. At Sabriel Group, we dedicate ourselves to exceeding expectations and shaping a future where quality, innovation, and collaboration are at the core of everything we do. Now, let’s explore the fundamental values that guide our journey

Dedicated to providing excellence in our products and services since our foundation. Our commitment is reflected in meticulous care, ensuring an extraordinary experience for our customers

Devoted to the meticulous care put into every aspect of our work, guaranteeing an extraordinary experience for our customers since our foundation

At the forefront of designing customized solutions, driven by the dynamic landscape of the online business realm. Flexibility in our services adapts to ever-changing market needs and unique client desires

Flexibility in our services allows us to adapt to dynamic market needs and clients’ unique desires. We lead in crafting innovative, customized solutions

Highly valuing our community of customers and collaborators as key partners in our success. The sharing of ideas is fundamental to building strong relationships and fostering active collaboration

Active collaboration and idea-sharing are fundamental to our approach. We highly value our community—customers and collaborators alike—as key partners in our success.


Our commitment is to provide an exceptional experience, guided by dedication to excellence, continuous innovation, and personalized solutions. We pledge to exceed expectations, adapt to evolving market needs, and cultivate authentic connections within our community. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we promise to maintain high standards of quality, creativity, and collaboration in every interaction

Sabriel Agency Team

At Sabriel Agency/E-Commerce, we are committed to building trust with our customers. We understand that customer satisfaction is the foundation of business success, so we strive to exceed expectations and ensure a positive experience. We are always ready to listen to our customers’ feedback and adapt to continually improve our services

Sara Casciaro
Sara Casciaro